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Date Presentation Title Presenter Company
May 21, 2008 Consultancy and Interpersonal Skills for the Global Workforce’ from primarily a project management prospective Diana L. Faulkner Corporate Portfolio Development Consultant, Faulkner Management Group
February 13, 2008 Leading Change David Srulowitz &

Randal L. Surratt

 Karta Technologies, Inc.

PMOLink, Inc.

January 23, 2008

The Project Charter & Software Development

Vic Helbling

November 7, 2007 Critical Aspects of Successful Outsourced I/T Performance Management Joe Hessmiller Computer Aid Inc.
October 10, 2007 Why Measure?  Techniques for Getting at the Rationale Dr. Joyce Statz  
September 12, 2007 Beyond “The System Shall . . .” - A Journey from Good to Great Requirements Mike Alexander Seilevel
June 13, 2007 Agile and Secure - Can We Be Both? Dan Cornell Denim Group, Ltd.
May 9, 2007 Lean Six Sigma for Information Technology Scott Adams National Graduate School (NGS) for Quality Management, Falmouth MA
April 11, 2007

Importance of Load and Performance testing for critical business successes.

Joseph Daiva

United Software Inc.

March 21, 2007 Leading Change David Srulowitz Karta Technologies, Inc.
November 29, 2006 CMMI v1.2: What Changed from CMMI v1.1? David Srulowitz Karta Technologies, Inc.
September 13, 2006 Is There a Workforce Crisis on the Horizon? Palma Buttles-Valdez, Ph.D. Software Engineering Institute
June 14, 2006 Transforming a Software Development Organization into a Software Acquisition One: A Case Study in Success Marie "Frankie" Sorrell and Lynne Franklin Personnel Systems Division, 554 ELSG
May 10, 2006 CMMI and P-CMM  -  Anything in common? Kathy Sanchez Borland Software Corporation
April 12, 2006 Leadership! Process Improvement, Project Management and Change Management Can Benefit from Leadership! Frank A. Adams, PhD. Dynamic Management Solutions
February 15, 2006 Introducing Programmable Logic as Software Process Jim Brakefield OnBoard Software, subsidiary of MTC Technologies Inc.
January 18, 2006 CMMIŽ, SCAMPISM, and Process Improvement − Lessons Learned and Benefits E. Patrick Hanavan, Jr., P.E. Integrated Systems Diagnostics, Inc.
November 9, 2005 SEI SCAMPI B and C Appraisals: What’s New with the October 2005 Release Mr. Nat Guadagnino, PMP  
September 14, 2005 Workflow Automation in a CMMI Environment Mr. Nat Guadagnino, PMP  
June 8, 2005 CMMI Acquisition Module: Looking at the CMMI from an Acquirer's Perspective Mike Bandor Software Engineering Institute
May 18, 2005 Global Business Process Improvement William Grundstrom Dell, Inc.
April 13, 2005 Architecture:  IT's Missing Link Roland Berg Diligent Consulting, Inc.
March 9, 2005 Riding the Next Wave of Innovation By Henry (Skeeter) Lieberum, MA Holland & Davis
February 16, 2005 CMMI Level 1 to Assessed Level 3 in 8 Months! … Impossible, You Say? David Srulowitz Software Engineering Solutions (SES)
January 12, 2005 Writing Defect Free Requirements Ivy Hooks Compliance Automation
November 10, 2004 Mission Critical Instructional Design Tim Youngman Karta Technologies
October 20, 2004 Building Capabilities for Small Organizations:  Let's Share our Knowledge and not be Stupid! Jorge Boria and Viviana Rubinstein Liveware Inc.
September 8, 2004 Software Development and the SDLC Dan Cornell Denim Group, Ltd.
June 9, 2004 Software Development and the SDLC Dan Cornell Denim Group, Ltd.
May 12, 2004 CMMI for Small Businesses

Nat Guadagnino, PMP

OnBoard Software
April 14, 2004

Overview of the Process Maturity Model (PMM)

Dr. Bill Curtis

March 10, 2004 Evaluating and Managing Software Requirement Risk Pat Clair Southwest Research Institute
February 11, 2004 The People-Side of PSP Steven Teleki and Dan Massey Y&L Consulting, Inc.
January 14, 2004 Self-Managed Software Development Diana Mekelburg Extreme Project Management
November 12, 2003 Managing the Crucial Critical Computer Resources in Software Development Projects:  What, How, Why Jorge Boria Liveware IS S.A.
October 1, 2003 Capability Maturity Model - Integration (CMMISM) Dr. Cecil Martin Martin Process Solutions, Inc.
June 18, 2003 Dynamics of Level 3 of the CMM Jorge Boria TeraQuest
May 14, 2003 Anatomy of a Software Process Improvement Plan Andrew Boyd USAF

Kanonical Konsulting

April 9, 2003 Before Requirements Ivy Hooks Compliance Automation, Inc.
March 12, 2003 Enterprise Program Management Office Solutions Lorrie Collins Spherion Technology
February 19, 2003 Is a Testing Maturity Model in Your Future? Thomas C. Staab Wind River International
January 8, 2003 History of Software Development - Why have the processes we use in the IT industry developed? Col (ret) Marilon Hall RSIS, Inc.
November 13, 2002 Integrating ISO 9001 v 2000 with CMM Viviana Rubinstein

Fiona Pattinson

Liveware IS S.A.
October 9, 2002 Data Warehousing 101 Randy Jones

Ken Gilmore


Air Force Personnel Center

September 18, 2002

The Art and Science of Software Process

Steven Teleki SiberLink, Inc.
June 19, 2002 Software Capability Improvement - It Starts with Projects Jorge Boria TeraQuest
May 8, 2002 Tools and Process Maturity Bill Cottrell Rational Software Corporation
April 17, 2002 Model-Based Requirements Dr. Magdy Hanna International Institute for Software Testing
March 13, 2002 Capability Improvement - Getting Just Enough Training Involved Jorge Boria

Kathy Sanchez

February 13, 2002 Capability Improvement - A Holistic View of Change Management Jorge Boria

Kathy Sanchez

January 9, 2002 Writing Requirements for a Requirement Management Tool Ivy Hooks Compliance Automation, Inc.
November 14, 2001 IT Investment: Object Prioritization and Selection Vic Helbling  
October 10, 2001 The "M" in "CM" Configuration Management - Managing Requirements To Eliminate "Casual Accuracy" And The Cost Of "Intervention Resources" Reginald Harvey

Keith Evans

September 12, 2001 A Process Asset Library Implementation or Where the Heck Do We Put All of this Stuff ?!?! Andrew Boyd

TSgt Michael Bandor

Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC)

Special Daytime Meeting

August 15, 2001

Implementing the Rational Unified Process in your organization – a Managerial and Executive Perspective Murray Cantor Rational Software Corporation
June 13, 2001  Professionalism and Ethics in Software Engineering:  CMM Disabled Without It Herb Krasner Krasner Consulting
May 9, 2001 Making the QA-QC Marriage Pay Off Jorge Boria TeraQuest
April 11, 2001 Software Estimation - Using COCOMO and COCOMO II

Victor Helbling

David Srulowitz

Michael Bandor



Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center

March 14, 2001 Realization - A Use Case Driven Approach to Design William L. Cottrell Rational Software Corporation
February 14, 2001 Requirements Management with Use Cases Cindy Van Epps Rational Software Corporation
January 10, 2001 Measuring the Effectiveness of a SPI Program Dr. Joyce Statz TeraQuest
November 8, 2000 Unified Software Development Process Captain Penelope Noe Air Force Personnel Center 
October 11, 2000 The SEI Personal Software Process (PSP) Mr. James Terrel Ipso Facto Consulting Inc.
September 13, 2000 Attracting and Retaining Software
Dr. Bill Curtis TeraQuest
May 10, 2000 Lessons Learned by the CM PAT MSgt Monte J. Hansen HQ AFPC
April 12, 2000 Goal - Question - Metric Paradigm Don Shafer

Linda Shafer

Athens Group, Inc.
March 15, 2000 Quantifying The Qualitative: How to Avoid Vague Requirements by Clear Specification Language Tom Gilb Result Planning Limited
February 9, 2000 Critical Chain Project Management - The Next Big Thing? Bob Futrell  An independent consultant for Project Management Systems
January 12, 2000 Disciplined Software Testing Practices Dr. Magdy Hanna International Institute for Software Testing
November 10, 1999 SQA - The Implementation of SPI Major Andrew Boyd Air Force Personnel Center
October 13, 1999 Effective Software Quality Assurance Randy Folck Process Innovation, Inc.
September 8, 1999 Using the Cost of Quality Approach for Software Herb Krasner  
May 12, 1999 The Role Of CMM Based Appraisals In Software Process Improvement Efforts

Dr. Cecil Martin

Martin Process Solutions, Inc.
April 14, 1999 Lessons Learned - The Road to Level 3 Susan Crumrine 

Randy Folck

Southwest Research Institute
March 10, 1999 Producing Products-Faster, Better, AND Cheaper Ivy Hooks Compliance Automation, Inc.
February 10, 1999 Using Principles to Re-inforce Processes Kevin Murphy James Martin and Company
January 13, 1999 The Value of the Design Maintenance System for Software Reliability Dr. Ira Baxter Semantic Designs, Inc.
November 11, 1998 Practical Software Measurement (PSM) Dr. Joyce Statz TeraQuest
October 7, 1998 A Practical Approach to Moving from Level 1 to Level 2 Processes Ms. Geree Streun  
September 2, 1998 The People CMM - Becoming a Software Employer of Choice Dr. Bill Curtis TeraQuest



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