San Antonio Software Process Improvement Network Charter


I.     Establishment

The San Antonio Software Process Improvement Network, hereafter referred to as the San Antonio SPIN was founded and organized by its initial sponsor, Science Applications International Corporation, on July 07, 1998.

II.     Mission

Our mission is to provide the local community a communication forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and practical ideas.

III.     Goal

Our goal is to promote continuous software process improvement through an active program of networking, presentation and publication, recognition of excellence, technology awareness, and mutual support.

IV.     Objectives

To achieve its goal, the San Antonio SPIN membership acts to accomplish the following objectives:

V.     Membership

Membership in the San Antonio SPIN is free and open without discrimination to any individual from industry, academic institutions, or government organizations who are interested in furthering the objectives of the San Antonio SPIN and who live or work in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

VI.     Organization

A Steering Committee, consisting of a President and four Committee Directors, perform most necessary organizational functions. The Steering Committee solicits general membership volunteers to help with publicity, presenter preparation, and general meeting support. Steering Committee members and any general membership volunteers receive no remuneration for their services. The Steering Committee approves all expenditures made as part of its sponsorship and is consulted about all San Antonio SPIN agreements, sponsorships, etc. to insure no legalities and liabilities are encumbered by the San Antonio SPIN, the Steering Committee, or San Antonio SPIN members.

The San Antonio SPIN President and Directors roles and responsibilities include:

VII.     San Antonio Spin Calendar Year

The San Antonio SPIN calendar year will run from September to June with no meetings in July and August due to summer vacations and in December due to the holidays.

VIII.     General Membership Meetings

Meetings of the San Antonio SPIN general membership will normally take place on the second Wednesday of each month in San Antonio. An announcement for each meeting will be disseminated to all current participants at least ten calendar days in advance of the meeting. There will be one half hour made available for networking before and after the main meeting. The main meeting will last no more than 90 minutes with 15 minutes set aside, if required, at the beginning for announcements.

Last revised: March 18, 2003